6 Tips For Creating Consistent Blog Content

blogging Sep 22, 2020

One of the hardest parts about creating high-quality content as a blogger is consistently coming up with new ideas to share. So what happens when you’re in a creative rut? Here is a list of 6 ways to never run out of blog post ideas.

It’s common as a blogger to go through different seasons of creativity. There are times where you feel an abundance of creativity as if you have almost too many creative ideas to share. And then there are those slower seasons, the times where you feel like no ideas are coming to you, and it’s just a damn struggle to come up with anything that feels fresh, new and creative.

Being successful as a blogger means consistently coming up with and sharing new content on a regular basis. If you’re feeling like you’re in a creative rut or just not feeling creative, these strategies will help you get those creative juices flowing, so that you always have 6 ways to never run out of blog post ideas!

1. Keep a running list of ideas

We all have amazing ideas that come to us at the most random times. The only problem is when we are actually in need of those ideas, suddenly we can’t remember them.

One of my favourite ways to make sure I remember those great ideas is to keep a running list of them on my phone and computer. (I use Asana for this). Anytime an idea pops into my head, it immediately gets written down. Do this and when those slower seasons come along, you’ll have your handy list by your side with an abundance of content ideas to help you out!

2. Spruce up old content

If you’re not particularly feeling in a creative flow, don’t feel pressured to have to constantly create brand new content. Instead, see if there is any old content on your blog that could use a little makeover.

Do you have an old recipe that you know could be made better if you updated it with certain ingredients? Are there any old photos that can be reshot? Remember, not everyone has seen your old content, so updating it and resharing it can be a great way to produce fresh content, without having to create something new from scratch.

Psst...sprucing up old content can also help grow your blog following and engagement. 

3. Branch out!

If you’ve been blogging about the same types of topics over and over again, you may want to consider branching out and blogging about some new topics to re-spark that creativity in you. Round up posts and life update posts are great examples of ways you can create some new and fresh content, that be different from what you’re already sharing.

4. Research trends

If you’re feeling totally stuck creativity, one of the easiest ways to find content to blog about is to research what is currently trending. Whether it’s trending seasonal ingredients, trending recipes, or trending fashion, looking at what’s trending will give you a clear sense of what people are currently interested in.

5. Ask your audience

At the end of the day your writing blog posts for your audience. So why not give them some input as to what they’d like to see on your blog?

Polling your audience on Instagram, Facebook, on your mailing list or even just asking your readers directly is a great way to get feedback on what they want to see and give you an abundance of ideas to blog about! Creating an engaged Instagram audience is another important way to grow your blog so that you can get to know the people you are creating content for!

6. Take a break

When your feeling overwhelmed and like your completely out of your creative flow, sometimes the best thing you can do is to just take a step back and take a break.

Shut your phone off, take a social media detox and spend some time outdoors or with loved ones doing things you love. You’ll be surprised how much of a positive impact taking time off can have for your creativity!

Take action: 

Create a list to start tracking your new blog posts ideas. Go through any old blog posts and write down the ones you will add to your list to edit and repost.